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A strip of land for a buyer to land his plane! - WANTED

Now as you can imagine, working in this industry for more years than I can remember, I have seen many ‘must have’ lists for client’s property searches and their specific needs. I have never (until now) had a buyer ask me to find him a strip of land, suitable to land his plane!   Now as the enquiry came in on April 1st you can imagine my initial thoughts…….but as always, here at John Smale & Co we will do our best to help anyone we can. So I make the call and sure enough it is a very genuine enquiry from a very nice chap, who is thinking a little outside the box.  After listening carefully to his requirements it made perfect sense why he made contact. As we are lucky enough to be selling a vast array of properties in rural and semi-rural locations there are obviously fields and parcels of land all around, some actively farmed and some lying dormant. Now I don’t claim to be a Plane expert, but I didn’t think you could just land your aircraft in any old field. However, if it is just for occasional use and of course free of any obstacles then there is an opportunity here!    

Can you help?   This chap is looking to occasionally visit his Son, who lives in Berrynarbor.  He would be travelling from Wales, so he could cut his travelling time massively if he could fly here instead! 

Please see below some details about the aircraft and the requirements for the land;

500 metres by 25 metres would be a minimum.

It would be for occasional use only,

As flat as possible, no obstacles on take-off and landing.

The aircraft is a light twin with 4 seats, Tecnam T2006P and only weighs 1230 kilos.

Actual picture of plane seen above!  

If you have, or know someone who has some land within fairly close proximity to Berrynarbor and would consider selling it, please let us know!  

We look forward to hearing from you.


Toby Dowding MNAEA


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