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When choosing an agent to market your property, you want to feel assured that the agent you select will do everything possible to find the very best buyer and to obtain the very best possible price, and that they have the skills, knowledge and commitment to doing that. If you picture a pyramid of potential buyers, then any agent, no matter how poorly they market your property, can sell to a buyer on the bottom few rows of the pyramid, buyers who are only prepared to pay a certain price, which the agent may advise you – wrongly – is the only price that can be achieved in todays market! It's no coincidence that these tend to be the agents charging the lowest fees.

The best price for your property will come from the buyer at the very top of the pyramid, the one to whom it is worth that bit more, and it is finding that particular buyer that a well organised and properly conducted marketing campaign is designed to find.

Below are a few indicators to look for when selecting an agent:

Marketing Power:

An agent that uses both Rightmove and Zoopla to list your property on will always be able to give greater exposure to more buyers than an agent who chooses to list with just one or the other, or worse, who choose to list on the cheaper portal sites that have very few users. These sites are very expensive to subscribe to but are a vital part of the agents toolkit and vital to obtaining the best possible price. At John Smale & Co, we list our clients properties on both Rightmove and Zoopla.

Big City Presence:

For any regional agents, being able to put clients properties in front of the wealthiest buyers in the country is vitally important. At John Smale & Co, we work in partnership with the Mayfair Office network who display our properties both in Central London and Internationally via the network of agents across the globe. We also market in partnership with S J Smith Estate Agents in Surrey, giving our clients access to the wealthiest county in the UK.

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Hyperlocal Matters:

Whilst both the National and International stage’s matter, of equal or arguably greater importance is a detailed local knowledge, particularly as so many of our buyers come from outside of North Devon. In depth local knowledge can not only reassure buyers that the property they are looking at will meet their needs but can be instrumental in suggesting other properties that a potential buyer may have overlooked, meaning more viewings – and qualified viewings – for clients. At John Smale & Co, we ensure all of our staff have an in depth knowledge of North Devon and all it has to offer.

Beware of Door Openers:

In many estate agencies, it is common to employ ‘viewing staff’ particularly at peak times like weekends. As a seller, that could mean that your home is being shown to prospective buyers by someone with very little – or none at all – knowledge of your property, it’s benefits and unique advantages, or your situation. At John Smale & Co, viewings are carried out by knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Money Matters:

From all of the above, one thing should be obvious – that executing a professional, effective and in depth marketing campaign costs money. It should be equally obvious why the cheapest agents, offering the lowest fees, are likely to cost you far more in the long run than an agent charging a realistic fee that allows your home to reach its full potential, and it’s highest price. At John Smale & Co, we charge a fair fee, and of course everything is ‘No Sale / No Fee’ – so you’ll only ever pay us a penny if we are 100% successful with your property.

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