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 Mrs Smith

Time to....Toby reflects on home working

So as I sit at home working, in the fourth week of ‘lockdown’, one of my cats looks at me as if to say what are you thinking about?   Now that is a very good question!  

Trying to find anything positive that has come out of the COVID -19 crisis is very hard, however the one gift that has come from it is time.  If you asked all of the richest and most powerful people in the world what the most valuable thing is, some may say their multi-million pound super yacht, but I myself and I’m sure many others would say time is the most valuable thing.

We all now have a very rare opportunity. Time to think, time to review, time to renew, time to reinvent, time to create and time to act.  This applies to all aspects of our lives, whether it be work based or personal.  Simply put, why are we here and where are we going?  It’s  a great time to think deeply about or reconfirm what’s really important? 

Certainly for me, these times make you realise family and friends are most important, along with being kind to your neighbours and general community around you. Difficult situations really show peoples true character and I have been delighted to see what a great bunch of people us North Devonians are!   This is a time for family and friends to reconnect and be there for one another and value the times we have with each other and I’m sure we will all emerge stronger. As the band Metallica sings…….    Nothing Else Matters!   

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